Annual report 2005

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dc.description.tableofcontents I. 2006 Major Research Projects <br> <br>Ⅱ. 2005 Research Projects <br> <br> 1. General Environmental Policy <br> <br> A Study on Regional/Local SDIs (Sustainable Development Indicators) <br> <br> A Study on the Integrated Product Policy of EU and Corresponding Tasks <br> <br> An Empirical Study of the Effects of Environmental Taxation on the <br> Environment and Economy in the Korean Energy Sector <br> <br> Considration of Chemical Safety in Green Procurement in Korea <br> <br> Estimation of Agricultural Landscape Value and Management Policy: <br> Scenic and Economic Value and Environmental Policy <br> <br> Promotion of Renewable Electricity Market <br> <br> The Eco-efficient Strategies of Urban Land Use: Focused on the Urban <br> Land Use Behavior and NO2 Emission in Seoul Metropolitan Region, Korea <br> <br> The Impact Analysis of Urban Growth on Environment Using the <br> Econometric Regional Impact Model <br> <br> 2. Environmental Management <br> <br> A Study to Improve the Environmental Pollution Permit Sys -
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