KEI 2006 연차보고서(영문)

KEI 2006 연차보고서(영문)
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Environmental policy- Research- Korea (Republic of)
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I. 2007 Major Research Projects
- Development of Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adjustment System
- Environmental Policy for the Low income Group in Urban Area
- Environment Friendly Reform Policy of Energy and Electricity Subsidies
in Korea and Expected Effects
- Policies toward the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
- Land Use Planning: The Urban Green Network
- Environmental Risk Management of Pharmaceuticals in Kore: Environmental
Exposure Modeling of Human and Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
in Han River, Korea
- Integrated Environmental and Economic Modeling: A Recursive Dynamic
CGE Approach
- Linking Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainable Development
- Estimation of Air and Water Pollutants for Products
- Environmental Valuation Methods for Environmental Goods: Searching
the ways to minimize the hypothetical bias in stated preference methods
- Managing Suspended and Bedded Sediments in Water Bodies to Protect
Aquatic Ecosystem in Korea
- Integrated Risk Management Approach Considering Interaction of Hazardous
Pollutants between Outdoor and Indoor Sources
- Integrated Management Plan for Groundwater Resources in Coastal Area of
- Development of a Methodology Assessing Vulnerability in Rice Production
Considering Sensitivity and Adaptive Capacity
- Estimate Costs and Impacts for Various Options of Post Kyoto Climate Regime
- Landscape Ecological Methodologies to Evaluate Landscape Connectivity
- Improving Environmental Assessment in Tidal Flat Landfill Project
- Air Quality Modeling System II
- Hazard Mitigation Policy for Sustainable Development

II. 2006 Research Projects

A. General Environmental Policy
- Development of an Air Pollution Health Benefits Assessment Model for Korea
- Establishing Legal Regime of Environmental Health in Korea
- Feasibility Study on Total Air Pollution Load Management in Industrial
Facilities of Air Pollution Special Measures Areas
- IES Korea 2005 (a part of IES Korea Phase II)
- Integrated Environmental Policy to Reduce Air Pollution and Greenhouse
- National Surveillance on the Status of Laboratory Safety Management
in universities in Korea
- Research on Adjusting the Drinking Water Standards
- Review of Quality Standards and Risk Assessment for the Potable Deep
Sea Water
- Study on Treatment System for PCBs.contained Product and Waste
- Study on the Integrated Risk Management for Protecting Human Health
- Study on the Development of Consumer Exposure Assessment Technologies(I)

B. Environmental Management
- Ecological corridor building at national level
- Environment & Landscape Plan for Urban Planing in Metropolitan Area
of Multi.functional Administrative City
- Environmental Impact Reduction Measures for Housing and Industrial Complex
- Improving Compliance Monitoring and Monitoring Environmental Impacts
- Lotic Community Prediction Model Responding Environmental Change (LOCOPEM)
- Philippines: Development of Criteria and Model for the Application of
the Total Pollution Load Management System (TPLMS) and Effluent Trading
in the Philippines
- Studies on the Technique Development for the Prevention of Coastal
Erosion II 62
- Study on Strategic Environmental Assessment Guideline
- Study on EIA Improvement Incorporating SEA Implementation
- The Standards Establishment of Environment Friendly Antenna

C. Environmental Impact Assessment
- An Administrative Restructuring towards Sustainable Development
- A Study on Regulatory Reform of the Story.Height Regulation for
the Business District of National Parks
- OECD Environmental Performance Reviews for Korea: Policy Recommendations
and Their Implementation
- Pyeongchang 2014 Green Legacy

D. Global Environment
- AR CDM and its Application Methods
- National Roadmap for Impact Assessment and Adjustment for Climate Change
- (Tripartite) Joint Research on Environmental Management in Northeast Asia

III. Research-related Activities

1. Environmental Assessment
2. Academic Exchange
3. Education/Public relations

IV. Appendix
1. Organization
2. KEI Research Staff
3. List of Research Report

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