Noise map을 활용한 환경소음의 관리방안 마련

Noise map을 활용한 환경소음의 관리방안 마련
박영민; 이민주
Issue Date
Series/Report No.
연구보고서 : 2009-08
93 p.
Environmental Noise Management with Noise Maps The objective of this study is to devise effective plans to manage environmental noise over the long-term by using noise maps. The plans delineated herein include presentation of a legal basis for noise maps, education and publicity plans, budgeting, production of the noise map itself, and localization of noise map software. Proposals for enforcement of noise maps are presented herein pursuant to the Noise and Vibration Control Act, which includes the drafting of noise maps and provides a legal basis for enforcement. Education and publicity can be provided through the web, while expenses can be estimated through comparison with domestic and foreign examples. Standardized plans for production of noise maps are proposed, and the need for localized noise map software that uses domestic noise forecasts is discussed. Management of environmental noise through noise maps includes construction of an integrated management system for noise maps, as well as preparation of measures against environmental noise, and low-noise urban planning. Web-based management systems connected with environmental noise measuring systems can help in administering noise maps more effectively. Measures for environmental noise include subdividing areas for noise management, establishment of mitigation measures, collection of opinions, follow up investigations, and redrafting of plans as needed. Noise prevention plans are also proposed for the urban planning process, including for redevelopment, that draw on noise mapping.

Table Of Contents

제1장 서 론
1. 연구의 배경 및 목적
2. 주요 연구내용
제2장 소음지도 특징 및 적용 현황
1. 정의 및 특징
2. 국내외 적용 현황
3. 시사점
제3장 소음지도 활용방안
1. 정책적 방안
2. 기술적 방안
제4장 소음지도를 통한 환경소음 관리방안
1. 소음지도 통합관리시스템 구축
2. 환경소음 관리계획 마련
3. 저소음 도시계획 수립
제5장 결 론

참고 문헌
Environmental Noise (Wales) Regulations 2006
2025년 청주 도시기본계획의 소음?진동 내용

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