Korean government policy to support the domestic environmental industry and technology export

Korean government policy to support the domestic environmental industry and technology export
Sang-Cheol Shin
Issue Date
Ministry of Environment
Series/Report No.
Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin : vol.11 issue4 2013
1-12 p.
Small and medium-sized businesses play an important role in the environmental industry and technology development in Korea, occupying a 90% share of the entire industry. Of Korea’s environmental industries and technologies, sewage/ waste water disposal and waste disposal technology as well as environmental equipment have gained a world-class status with significant price competitiveness. The Korean government has been implementing various environmental industry promotion policies to support early overseas market entry of Korean small and medium-sized firms and their efforts to attract project orders. To support environmental technology exports the government provides tailored support for Korean enterprises' overseas market entry by phase - from the collection of information on overseas markets to the establishment of a network for global environmental cooperation and winning overseas project contracts. As part of its efforts to build a network for global cooperation and identify overseas projects, the Korean government also operates the Eco- Trade Support Center for Environmental Business to establish an overseas environmental information network for initial overseas market entry: provides market entry consulting and country-specific legal advice: and supports the establishment of Environmental Improvement Master Plan, mainly for developing countries. Notably, the Green Forum - a business consultation meeting, and other high-level environmental cooperation meetings were held during Global Green Hub Korea (GGHK), the largest event in the sector in Korea, that played host to many potential clients when celebrating the hosting of the Green Climate Fund in Songdo, Incheon in 2013. The policy outcome has been notably positive. Excellent domestic environmental technologies have been promoted, and small and medium businesses, which typically lack experience in developing overseas projects, now enjoy greater opportunities to win global environmental project contracts. In fact, the Korean environmental business is rapidly expanding to the global market. Currently, the ECC (Environmental Cooperation Center) is operated in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia and the Training Program for International Environmental Specialists, an invitational training program for environmental personnel from developing countries, is being provided to introduce Korean environmental technologies and enterprises to importing countries. For overseas projects that Korean firms take part in an open bid for or plan to participate in, support is given for environmental feasibility study to help Korean companies win contracts. In addition, outstanding domestic environmental technology is customized to local conditions through the International Cooperation Program for Environmental Technology which also helps companies to win contracts. Korea has been focusing on entering the Chinese and other Asian environmental markets, but plans to expand its environmental exports to the Middle East, Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe.

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