Green Card System

Green Card System
Misuk Lee
Issue Date
Ministry of Environment
Series/Report No.
Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin : vol.10 issue1 2012
1-12 p.
KEPB Issue 1, Volume X, 2012 The Ministry of Environment introduced the Green Card System with a goal of early settlement of the green life culture in Korea. The Green Card System is a green life infra policy to provide economic incentives to the people who practice green life style, including energy saving, green product purchases, and use of public transportation, by making use of a point system with credit cards. By May 2012, 20 months after the initiation of the system on July 22, 2011, 2.6 million members joined the system and more than 10% of the economically active population (24.66 million people as of February 2012) is participating in the green life program. It is expected that the spread of green lifestyle and green consumption through the use of the Green Card System will enable substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, leading to production and sales of eco-friendly goods, thus establishing a virtuous cycle of green value chain.

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