Green Card Program

Green Card Program
Sang-Cheol Shin; Seongho Jeon
Issue Date
Ministry of Environment
Series/Report No.
Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin : vol.15 issue1 2018(No.45)
1-13 p.
Green Card Program is a public-private partnership that aims to provide incentives for consumers' eco-friendly lifestyle using credit card platform. Rewards or points are given to consumers to provide them with an easy access to low-carbon and eco-friendly lifestyle. The program offers economic benefits (in the form of points called?Eco-money”) to consumers through credit or debit cards whenever they purchase low-carbon products or engage in energy-saving activities. The purpose of Green Card Program is to motivate consumers to use eco-friendly products that emit less greenhouse gases (GHGs) in order to put in place a green and sustainable consumption pattern. Green Card users gain economic rewards by i) purchasing eco-friendly products, ii) using public transportation, and iii) saving electricity, water, and gas. For six years since its introduction, the program has contributed to the reduction of a total of 2,495 thousand tCO2 emissions from energy saving, green product purchase and public transportation use. The GHG emissions reduced from energy saving is estimated 1,298 thousand tCO2; 1,032 thousand tCO2 from eco-friendly product purchase; and 166 thousand tCO2 from public transportation use. Green Card Program won the United Nations Momentum for Change Climate Solutions Award in November 2017. The Government of the Republic of Korea expects the program to contribute significantly to achieving the goal of turning Korea into a low-carbon and eco-friendly society.

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