Comparative aalysis of green productivity in selected Asian countries by AHP method

Comparative aalysis of green productivity in selected Asian countries by AHP method
Jong-dall Kim
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환경정책 : 제27권 특별호 2019년 12월
103-129 p.
The research aims to assess the status of green productivity(GP) in six Asian countries for which we developed a framework of criteria covering the aspects of environmental sustainability, productivity, and social contribution. Under 3 major criteria, fourteen specific criteria were developed for GP. A total of 367 specialists, citizens and policy makers were participated in the survey from 6 countries. AHP was used in simulation for gaining weighting values. Respondents considered environmental sustainability (0.550) and productivity (0.246) as important elements in GP while social contribution (0.204) as less important. Among all 14 evaluation criteria, the most highly regarded elements were air quality (0.133), followed by water quality (0.111) and the use of renewable energy (0.095), while green label and customer complaints were considered the least important. Applied to the evaluation process were 89 companies that provided actual data for evaluation. These all data were combined with weighting values obtained in the previous survey. by which all companies could be ranked. The CC5 of the Republic of China was ranked as the best company and EC3 of Indonesia and CC15 of ROC were awarded as second and third companies. The research could actually evaluate companies over countries in terms of GP and expects to improve in measurement methodology for GP. [Key Words] Green Productivity, AHP, Multi Criteria Evaluation, Relative Importance, Rank

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