Optimizing the Local Embedding of Renewable Energy Plants

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dc.identifier.citation 환경정책. : 제27권 특별호 2019년 12월 77-102 p. -
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dc.description.abstract In this article we ask about the factors that promote acceptance of local renewable energy plants and about the specific role nature conservation plays in the concert of other acceptance factors. We explored to what extent trade-offs between climate protection, nature and species protection, protection of local residents and local value creation can be realigned. The article provides an overview of the key acceptance factors identified and derives a set of trust and acceptance building measures. It has a specific focus on wind energy. Our findings suggest that nature conservation rationales have definitively a role to play as a local acceptance factor, but other acceptance factors are closely linked or more important. Particularly, economic factors, the attitudes towards the energy transition, trust in key actors and planning and development processes were identified as key preconditions for local acceptance. [Key Words] Renewable Energy Plants, Wind Energy, Acceptance Factors, Local and Regional Acceptance, Climate Protection, Nature Conservation, Trust -
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dc.title Optimizing the Local Embedding of Renewable Energy Plants -
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