Korea Environmental Policy Bulletin48

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-07Comprehensive measure of waste recyclingMun Sol Ju
2019-01-07Law for chemical products in livingYang-won Suh
2018-05-25Green Card ProgramSang-Cheol Shin; Seongho Jeon
2018-05-25Comprehensive plan on fine dust managementHyun-Soo Joo
2017-02-24Introduction of the framework act on resource circulation toward establishin a resource-circulating society in KoreaHan; Sang-Un
2017-02-24Two decades in effect : volume-based waste fee system in south KoreaHan; Sang-Un
2017-02-24River management funds for the four major river systemHan; Sang-Un
2017-02-24Eco-label certification system(ECS) in KoreaHan; Sang-Un
2015-12-31Emissions trading schemeSuh; Yang-Won
2015-12-31Act on registration and evaluation, etc. of chemical substances(ARECS)Suh; Yang-Won
2014-11-21Disused Home Appliances Door-to-door Pick-up ServiceHan; Sang-Un
2014-11-21Liability, and compensation and relief system for damages from environmental pollutionHan; Sang-Un
2013-11-29Korean government policy to support the domestic environmental industry and technology exportSang-Cheol Shin
2013-11-29Recyclable resources market in KoreaSang-Cheol Shin
2013-11-29Greenstart movementMisuk Lee
2013-11-29Water quality forecasting systemHojeong KIM
2012-12-31Greenhouse Gas Energy Target Management SchemeSang-Youp Lee
2012-12-31Environmental Impact Assessment SystemKong Jang Cho; Tae Ho Ro
2012-12-31Environmental Dispute Adjustment SystemSang Woon Han
2012-12-31Green Card SystemMisuk Lee