Principles and direction of the smart green new deal in an aquatic and terrestrial environment

Principles and direction of the smart green new deal in an aquatic and terrestrial environment
김수빈 ; 강형식 ; 양일주 ; 차은지 ; 손승우
Issue Date
Korea Environment Institute
Series/Report No.
KEI Environment Forum : vol.4 no.4
1-39 p.
Recently, the government proposed the ‘Korean New Deal’ as one of the major national tasks in response to the post-COVID-19 era. The deal aims to transform the economy and society, revolving around the digital new deal, green new deal, and enhancing the safety net, so as to combat climate change, create jobs, and boost economic growth, and as such, the government announced the 10 major related tasks. Since the Korean New Deal is a large-scale national project that requires an immense amount of tax spending, and raises both the expectations and concerns, clear principles and standards are required during the implementation of the green new deal and the selection of projects. In consideration of such circumstances, this journal is aimed at presenting the principles and direction of the green new deal, with focus placed on the “aquatic and terrestrial environment.” From this viewpoint, the journal examined the current status on the progress in the 2020 Korean green new deal, and then analyzed the previous new deal policies and the current green new deal policies under the implementation in the United States and Europe to draw implications. Consequently, this journal presented the detailed principles and standards of the green new deal on account of “greenness” and sought to propose the principles and policy directions for the green new deal from the short and mid- to long-term perspective. This gives significance on presenting important principles, standards, and policy directions that should be considered for the smart green new deal transformation in the aquatic and terrestrial environment at a time during which various viewpoints are associated with continuous discussions on the green new deal, thereby laying the foundation for the Korea new deal to successfully take root.

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