KEI Environment Forum(환경포럼 영문판)15

Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-31Principles and direction of the smart green new deal in an aquatic and terrestrial environment김수빈 ; 강형식 ; 양일주 ; 차은지 ; 손승우
2020-09-30Assessing the health effects of PM2.5 constituents for establishing the health risk reduction management plan배현주 ; 이승민 ; 정다운 ; 오규림 ; 김시진 ; 이종태
2020-06-30Performance evaluation of ETS implementation from the perspective of national greenhouse gas reduction linkage이상엽 ; 정예민
2020-03-31Environmental risk communication policy : focusing on the risk of climate change이승준 ; 김영욱
2019-12-31Measures to improve the chemical accident prevention system under the 「Chemicals Control Act」박정규 ; 서양원 ; 간순영
2019-09-30The Framework, Policy Directions, and Policy Tasks for Climate Risk Management이승준
2019-06-30A study on the current status of bird collisions with manmade structures in Korea and improving reduction methods and environmental impact assessment이후승
2019-03-29Ecological impacts of night-time lighting on terrestrial insects and a field survey guideline for environmental impact assessment이상범
2018-12-31Safe & secure policy for dismantled wastes in nuclear이희선 ; 조공장
2018-09-30Economic analysis of climate change damage in Korea using RCP-SSP scenario matrix채여라 ; 이주형
2018-06-30Assessing location of city development project by analyzing malodor complaint cases김유미 ; 윤소운
2018-03-31Status of Korean emissions trading market as of the years 2015 and 2016이상엽 ; 김대수
2017-12-31Safe management and effective resource circulation of lithium secondary batteries after use in electric vehicles조지혜 ; 김유선
2017-09-30Community-based Environmental Health Policy Support Program신용승 ; 배현주 ; 간순영 ; 윤성지
2017-06-30In Pursuit of Environmentally Friendly Forest Policy in Korea이현우 ; 홍정현