Establishment of SDGs in Stork Habitat Village

Establishment of SDGs in Stork Habitat Village
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Establishment of SDGs in Stork Habitat Village
Sungchae MOON; Young Sook NAM
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환경정책 : 제29권 특별호 2021년 12월
89-112 p.
The purpose of this study is to identify the goals and sub-goals of SDGs for stork village. The research method was conducted by telephone interviews with three persons related to Yesan Stork Village. An expert group was formed consisting of three stork experts and two sustainable development experts was formed, and expert advice and consultations with researchers were held four times. The research results and conclusions are as follows. Yesan Stork Village was engaged in eco-friendly agriculture to create a stork habitat environment, as well as forming a community-centered village cooperative, and expanding the stork re-introduction area. For the stork village SDGs, 12 goals and 52 sub-goals were selected in the areas of society, economy, environment and infrastructure. For the social field, the composition of the village community and residents' council, establishment of a communication system, and the establishment of an education system were selected. Regarding the economic area, eco-friendly agriculture and ecological service projects based on a circular economy were selected to revitalize the local economy. It was decided that severatl factors including conservation and management of local resources for the conservation of stork habitat, the creation of an environment for stork habitat and the control of threat factors were necessary in the environmental area. In the area of infrastructure, policy support and governance were selected to achieve the goals of stork village. This study is expected to be applied when constructing additional stork re-introduction areas. As a follow-up study, it is necessary to prioritize SDGs in stork villages and determine necessary policies and resources. [Key Words] SDGs, Oriental Stork, Conservation of Habitat, Zero-Carbon, Carbon Neutrality

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